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the first thing he noticed to a girl is the breast.

ah laki-laki sama saja, otaknya mesum.


dan yang buat gue kecewa sebenernya bukan karna dia mesum,

but he would never ever noticed me cause I have small boobs.

fuck you, calum.

I’m not interested of being in a relationship. I’m not looking for a boyfriend.

Well, maybe I want and need a boyfriend. But not now. I’m not ready for that shit.

Maybe I’ll get a boyfriend in 3 years idk??

Yes I want a boyfriend. I want Calum and always be him. or maybe my crush idk??

And it’s not you.
I don’t like you anyway. I only like 5sos, one direction, and my crush.

I want Calum.

You can’t make me feel interested to you. But calum does.

I love Calum.






Oh Calum I love you so much.

I can’t stop thinking about you calum.

It hurts

But I still can’t stop loving you, cal.

I just can’t.


I love you so much.

You’re my life saver.


I love you a lot.

I’m happy that I finally remember my crush’s name. And I found his twitter account tho, which means that I could stalk him everyday. But I’m a little bit disappointed because he’s not living in the same country as me. He is so so so far away :(

The things I know about him are, he used to go to kind of religious school in Indonesia, and I just knew that he continues his studies in Cairo. (I just stalked him on twitter)

and I know now that I’m just a hopeless fool :(